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Surprisingly sweet scene from the thank you page at the end of volume 3 of the Corpse Party Book of Shadows manga. Edited out the text, made it transparent, and made a colored version.

How the actual fuck do you ask someone out on a date. I’m just sitting here coming up with ideas on how to do it and I’m getting really mad



the wind comes through the open window and i button my shirt and the rabbit's riding shotgun my teeth hurt you sent me a package marked "live animals inside" and the sun's coming up quickly above the rising tide


Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Gmod Edition!

I found this creepy map the day after watching gameplay of the real thing on youtube. So I decided to take some screenshots from the most recent update to the map. The map is still in it’s beta form, and is being updated every few days, and although Freddy and the gang are no where to be seen(no character models made just yet) the ambiance, the lack of lighting in some room, and the creepy laughter can still make this place very scary.


Penis Size and Finger Length


Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

Track: The Bite of '87


Since the last audio post was really popular we tried out another

The Voice of Freddy is myself

The Voice of Foxy is wellheyproductions

The Voice of The Mother is creepy-rainbow-pasta

The Voice of the Girl deadjosey

The Voice of the Employee litterbot


Me: *meets someone for the first time*

Person:oh you won’t like them once you get to know them

Me: *becomes close with the somebody

Person: Oh you won’t like them once you get to know them

Me: *starts dating the somebody*

Person:oh you won’t like them once you get to know them


Can you imagine like a really prissy girl being like “ugh, I really want a gay best friend to go shopping with” and then her BFF just grabs her by the shoulder like “hey, I’m a lesbian let’s do stuff”


"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one